Energy storage technologies for building applications


  • Abdülkadir Çakır
  • Ertuğrul Furkan Kurmuş



Energy generated from renewable sources is not available at any time or any location. To make this available at any time, energy storage plays an important role. Many energy storage systems have been developed but none of them has exactly the features needed by all applications. A single energy storage technique is not always suitable for every application. This study investigated energy storage and energy main storage methods include mechanical energy storage, thermal energy storage, magnetic energy storage, fuel cells and hydrogen storage as well as batteries. In terms of buildings, proper orienteation combined with a storage methos will increase efficiency of strage technology, which requires a preliminarily study and cost analysis.



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A. Çakır and E. F. Kurmuş, “Energy storage technologies for building applications”, Heritage and Sustainable Development, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 41-47, Dec. 2019.




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