Awareness of glaucoma in the western region of Saudi Arabia


  • Nawaf Almarzouki Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology,Department of Ophthalmology. King Abdulaziz University



Aim: To evaluate the awareness about glaucoma among adults and its related health problems in Jeddah, Western region of Saudi Arabia and to assess the relationship between the awareness and knowledge about glaucoma across the socio-demographic characteristics. This will help to develop educational and screening programs of glaucoma which could help in early detection and diagnosis of the disease therefore reducing its sight threatening outcomes.

Methods: A descriptive, cross-sectional study which included a sample of 608 adults in June 2019. Participants took part filling in the online multiple choice sociodemographic and glaucoma awareness questionnaire. Results: The mean age of the participants was 28.3 years ±11.4 with (59.2%) males and (40.8%) females. The majority of the respondents 70.9% were single and the majority had a bachelor's degree. Overall, 66.3% of the participants had knowledge about glaucoma, whereas 33.7% had no previous knowledge about glaucoma. Significant association between higher educational level and awareness of glaucoma was (P= 0.024). Females and age group (?40) also showed significant associations with glaucoma awareness (P= <0.0001 and P= <0.0001 respectively). 58% of the aware group suffering from glaucoma and 36% have a family history or relatives diagnosed with glaucoma. High IOP and old age were the main risk factors chosen by the participants (74.2% and 72.5% respectively). The majority of the aware group reported that glaucoma can result in blindness and could be preventable.

Conclusion: Assessing the glaucoma awareness in this study, the outcomes showed that majority had good knowledge of glaucoma. Larger surveys which include all cities of the country are suggested to assess the level of awareness and helps in establishing a proper educational and screening programs. 





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