Emerging wireless communication technologies in Iraqi government: Exploring cloud, edge, and fog computing


  • Yaqeen S. Mezaal University of Information Technology and Communications, Iraq
  • Mustafa S. Shareef Al-Muthanna University, Iraq
  • Ban M. Alameri Mustansiriyah University, Iraq; University of Malaga, Spain
  • Saeed R. Saeed Universityof Technology, Iraq
  • Aqeel A. Al-Hilali Al-Farahidi University, Iraq
  • Zaid K. Hussein Universityof Technology, Iraq
  • Kadhum Al-Majdi Ashur University, Iraq




This study aims to structure the implementation of a governmental cloud of things (CoT), edge computing (EC), and fog computing in Iraq in the context of sustainable wireless communication. A base of literature was built that included any challenges, opportunities, and best practices relevant to these innovative technologies to set up the background for this paper. A concept model was created that included core components (cognitive technologies and fog computing), key processes (resource analysis, infrastructure design), and stakeholders (governments, industry, community). A strategic methodology made up of stakeholder involvement, capacity building, and pilot projects was used in the project. Concerning IoT planned deployment and services provision, network infrastructure was put in place to support the devices and a higher level of security measures were recommended. Using scenario hypothesis, MATLAB simulator was employed to simulate data value distribution as well as received power distribution based on different institutions for 12 months. Monitoring and evaluation should be followed to measure performance indicators and effects on this process. Continuously improvement strategies were the highlight of the session which further stimulated innovations. Acquainted projects will be put in the function to extend the range of activities by including additional government agencies, regions, or sectors. Reporting of the collected data and funding will be done with stakeholders to share and pool knowledge.




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Y. S. Mezaal, “Emerging wireless communication technologies in Iraqi government: Exploring cloud, edge, and fog computing”, Heritage and Sustainable Development, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 169–182, Mar. 2024.




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