Sustainable heating system by infrared radiators


  • Sabaa S. Radhi Altinbas University, Turkey
  • Zainab S. Al-Khafaji Al-Turath University College, Iraq
  • Mayadah W. Falah Al-Mustaqbal University College, Iraq



Maintaining the optimum temperature in the living quarters is the key to a comfortable stay. Due to the lack of a central heating system or in the event of its insufficiency, they resort to the installation of additional heat sources. There is a wide range of devices on the market with different operating principles, hence the difficulty of which is better - a convector or infrared heater. A comparative analysis of devices will help you make the right choice. Asking the question of which is better a convection heater or an infrared heater, one must decide on its role in heating the house. It is better to use them as additional equipment with an existing heating system. One of the effective sources of additional heating are infrared radiators. Its principle of operation is based on infrared radiation, which provides a quick and qualitative increase in temperature in any part of your apartment. Today, more and more people prefer infrared radiators. From the usual electric convector, they differ in that they heat not the air in the room, but hard surfaces (floors, walls) and objects, and these, in turn, leak heat into the surrounding space. So, the entire room is heated up unnoticeably.




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S. S. Radhi, Z. S. Al-Khafaji, and M. W. Falah, “Sustainable heating system by infrared radiators”, Heritage and Sustainable Development, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 42–52, Jun. 2022.