Green concrete for structural buildings


  • Fehim Findik Sakarya Applied Sciences University, Turkey



Our planet is in danger for a number of reasons such as population growth, excessive energy consumption, and global warming that followed, the inability to manage waste and reduce water consumption. For sustainability, green concrete is defined as the use of waste materials and high-sustainability concrete that does not harm the environment in the production process. Proper green building should be energy efficient and use recycled aggregates. The emergence of sustainable structures in this way will reduce the need for fossil fuels, which is the main reason for universal heating. The environment can be perfectly sustainable only with zero use of non-renewable resources and a limited rate of regeneration and controlled use of renewable resources. This study considers the concept of environmentally friendly green concrete, which can be used instead of the traditional cement used in buildings that are being built due to the growing population. It was examined what needs to be done for the sustainable design of buildings and it was pointed out that in that way the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will be reduced. The use of green concrete for sustainable design and environmental protection was highlighted and several examples from around the world were highlighted.




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F. Findik, “Green concrete for structural buildings”, Heritage and Sustainable Development, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 67–76, Jun. 2022.