Recent trends and issues in energy conservation technologies


  • Ömer Faruk Ulusoy
  • Erkan Pektaş



Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Sources


Energy efficiency is a set of measures to prevent the loss of energy in gas, steam, air and electricity, to reduce energy demand by recycling and evaluating various wastes, or to reduce production by advanced technology, more efficient energy resources, advanced industrial processes, and energy recovery.  The International Energy Agency announced that world energy consumption increased by 45% since 1980 and would be 70% higher by 2030 [1]. The energy policy of the future will be on saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy trilogy. Today, with the industrial revolution, the environmental problems and the damages caused by the world we live in today have reached the dimensions that threaten human health and ecological balance. Considering that the energy consumed in the world is in buildings, every measure that reduces energy consumption is very important in terms of improving life conditions. For this purpose, the importance of renewable energy sources in the design of energy architecture principles in energy efficiency and sustainable environments is stated.




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Ömer F. Ulusoy and E. Pektaş, “Recent trends and issues in energy conservation technologies ”, Heritage and Sustainable Development, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 33–40, Jun. 2019.