Geopathogenic zones, mobile phones and their influence on human organism, animals and trees


  • Silvia Duranková University of Prešov
  • Richard Kalavsky University of Prešov
  • Jarmila Bernasovská University of Prešov



Geopathogenic zones are defined as inhomogeneities in the Earth's crust that emit electromagnetic radiation. These zones can also affect people without awareness and perception. Currently, the animal and plant kingdom as well as the human population live in a time with many electronic devices that can also affect us to some extent. Therefore, geopathogenic zones (GPZ) can also be one of the theoretical triggers of various diseases. The study aimed to determine the theoretical occurrence of geopathogenic zones and their effect on plants, animals, and the human body. Theoretically approach the occurrence of geopathogenic zones. In this study, data were obtained by using an anonymous questionnaire. A total of 202 respondents participated in the study, of which 56 were men and 146 women. The questionnaire consisted of 34 questions divided into 5 sections. Each of our respondents uses a mobile phone, which can to some extent affect our sleep, but also our health. Geopathogenic zones also occur near the dwellings where our respondents live. We assume that the animals of our respondents avoid geopathogenic zones as observed and predicted by studies. Geological research on the land can show us the presence of groundwater, changes in soil composition, and the possible occurrence of geopathogenic zones. All these arguments should be found even better to examine the issue since geopathogenic zones in the world are very under-represented. GPZ is one of the possible factors that can cause feelings of discomfort, various anomalies, or even health problems.




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S. Duranková, R. . Kalavsky, and J. Bernasovská, “Geopathogenic zones, mobile phones and their influence on human organism, animals and trees”, Heritage and Sustainable Development, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 121–129, Aug. 2021.